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Tips to keep yourself sane, mommy!

Contributor: Tooba Diwan

Breastfeeding. It’s the post pregnancy deal that you never knew you were making. Research shows that breast milk is the best thing you could do for your baby. In that thought process you start off thinking it should be fine, yet days crawl and then finally turn into months, your little ones are now developing a pattern, maybe you’ll wean them off? Wean off, when to, how to, all of them are things that everyone has an opinion on like a Pakistan India cricket match – everyone suddenly becomes an expert. 

Some people expect you to keep at it when they have no idea what a toll it’s taking on your sanity, some are completely pro the change, encouraging and sometimes kind of demeaning your choice to breast feed; i mean you are a modern woman, why tie yourself down? 

During my journey of breastfeeding my baby, some of the tips I’ve learnt along the way, that have kept me sane (on most days :p) 

1. | Ignore people |

Public breastfeeding isnt common but that doesn’t mean you never step out. My baby doesnt take the bottle and not getting out has been utterly depressing. I make sure to go out, feed and control when need be. It isn’t entirely comfortable; but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

2. | Keep your energy levels up | 

Nobody really gets how hungry you feel or how exhausting feeding is, the backaches, the awkward positions, the comfort feed, the just feeding because im tired feed and the list goes on – all that takes a toll on you. You need to close your eyes for a minute; check in on how you feel. Pause. Eat. Drink something and then go on about your chores. 

3. | Be comfortable | 

I know nursing lingerie is something that still hasn’t gained momentum, i wouldn’t even say not only in Pakistan. Women are just doomed to feel lousy and unkempt when feeding because the undergarments you get just don’t cater to that x factor in your life. Deal with it. It could be 3 months or a year of your life, but being uncomfortable everytime you feed will start getting to you eventually. 

4. | Keep an extra stole/shirt/cover up |

Maybe you’ve stopped leaking, or your baby has stopped spitting up. But when you’re out you dont have a choice but to carry that stain around. A nice stole will help you avoid discomfort in those uncertain times (let’s face it, they’re quite common now ^_^) 

5. | You don’t need to decide your timeline now | 

There’s no need to fret the time you want to wean your baby off. Who wouldnt want to provide their baby the ultimate nutrition right? But everyone has their own circumstances so you set your own pace. There’s no deadline. You can make and change your decision too. you’re not reporting to any higher authority on this. It’s between you and your baby! 

Im definitely not an expert on this, but these are a few things that have really helped me during my journey. Once you start feeling less awkward about it, i think people stop noticing as well. Or if they notice, well .. they can keep imagining! ^_^

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