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What is Tooth and Tale?

Tooth and Tale is the brainchild of two young mothers who were in conversation one fine day. What began as the usual “catch up” about babies and motherhood, soon turned into a full-fledged discussion about the need for a one stop shop for mothers, expectant mothers and women in general. 

Tooth and Tale is every woman’s diary to herself, for herself. It is a dedication to the everyday life of smiles, laughter, cries, panic, paranoia, excitement, nervousness and much more. It is the tale of mom hacks, mom survival kits and tips, trial and error, mistakes and success stories. 

It is for the mother who questions herself. The mother who doesn’t know if she’s doing it right. The mother who drowns herself in “mom guilt”. It is for the woman who needs answers to certain questions, for the mother who lost her children and for the mother who finds herself lost amidst the chaos of never-ending expectations. 

Tooth and Tale is for the happy mom, the mom who looks forward to each day with her baby. The mom who wants to share her stories with the world. It is for the woman who has a new found purpose since she became a mother. Tooth and Tale is for the woman who is yearning to become a mother and for the woman who has personally chosen not to become a mother. For the single mother who singlehandedly does it all and that too like a boss. It is also for all those women who choose to have a life outside of their role as a mother. It is for all the working moms who manage both their careers and families with utmost grace. It is for the mom who takes out a few moments in the day for herself just because she wants to and deserves to.

It is for the mother who wants to know if she’s good enough. The mother who thinks she’s got it all together but breaks down inside. For the mother who stays up all night to put her baby to sleep. The one who forgets to eat and feels full inside knowing her baby has eaten properly. For the mother who feels pain each time her baby falls ill. For the mother who just keeps going, not knowing what’s right or wrong, only trying to make it perfect each and every day. 

The experience of motherhood is different for every woman, but there are certain things all women and mothers can relate to collectively. We are those moms who are learning something new each day and hope to take you along our journey in the same way. We are those moms who may touch a few individuals, perhaps help some out or simply find therapy in our own posts and we truly hope you enjoy being a part of this journey that is not only ours but yours too. 

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