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Anahita Wassan

Mother to a two year old boy, and founder of her own perfume brand, Anahita has her hands happily full. Writing has been her passion, and she loves penning down her experiences as a mother. Not a fussy mother, her approach to parenting is letting the child be, yet inculcating good values.

Aastha Kapoor Singhania

Aastha is a 29-year old writer who is also a teacher and author of her upcoming book, Voices from Punjab. She is a mother of a 2 year-old and believes in chasing her dreams till she can. Having a baby made her more focused and gave her pace that her career did not have before. Living in London made her realise that there is difference in quality of upbringing, especially in opinions of people around her. She has had fun exchanging notes on parenthood with her friends from the other side of the globe and she is here to share some instances and experiences with you. 

Rumaisa Tirmizi

Rumaisa is an IB teacher by profession and a full time mum to 6 year old, Aroosh. She’s had her fair share of diverse experiences when it comes to motherhood and she pens them down in her personal blog called thelazyworkingmother. She believes in trusting her instincts when it comes to parenting.

Meghna Middha

A perfectly imperfect mother, living one day at a time. Raising Romaisa and Rohnish, an expert at juggling work, life, kids and everything that seems beautiful from there. Also, the gender and sexuality scholar in her doesn’t stop her from emphasising the point enough in the form of mothering her babies.

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