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Soma Hashmi

Meet Soma! The Irish, Karachiite girl that literally moved next door to Agra, India. She’s my sister in law by relation and friend by choice.

She’s loud, she’s opinionated, she’s a perfectionist and one of the most mothering and caring personalities I know. Soma is the heart and VOICE of any party, and theres nothing she wouldn’t do for those she loves dearly. Soma is the complete opposite to me. She’s hard on the outside and super sensitive on the inside.

She’s got friends who are drawn to her like bees to flowers. Soma likes to take charge and manage things in an orderly fashion. She loves to write, she loves to travel, she loves to explore and above all she uses her psychology degree for the good of those around her. She wears her heart on her sleeve and takes care of her relationships just right. She’s the best mama to baby Aiyaana and her motherly side comes to her with the greatest ease. Aiyaana is now six months old and a baby with a lovely personality. So follow this little girl as she discovers the world around her, and her mum who enjoys and learns to cope with it all.

– Manahil

Manahil Khan

Meet Manahil! Born and bred in London, she now lives in Lahore, Pakistan with her husband (who happens to be my first cousin) and her 1.5 year old baby boy, Rayyan. 

A tiny human being with a fiery, energetic spirit is basically what she is.

Manahil loves all things fashion & gossip, she’s slightly more than obsessed with the Kardashians and would kill for some me time to watch her favourite shows. She’s not at all a foodie which obviously works in her favour. Despite having a toddler whom she runs after 24/7, She’s got perfectly manicured nails, shiny hair and makeup that couldn’t be more on-point for 20 hours out of the 24. 

Even though you’ll find her quiet on the outside, once you get to know her there’s just no stopping – she’s got questions that keep coming and if left unanswered she’ll surely remind you the next time she sees you. This girl truly knows what she wants and always sticks by it. Alongside her fiery self, you’ll sense a subtle strength to her that she so beautifully manifests with the values and lessons she teaches her baby. She’s an extremely cautious and caring mom, making sure she leaves no stone unturned in taking care of Rayyan.

There’s no doubt that Manahil is an inspirational mum, there’s so much I’ve learnt from her in my 9 month journey of pregnancy and now with my baby, Aiyaana. She’s a great listener and is always available for any baby advice you need. Her baby Rayyan has now turned into a little young man and I’m sure she has a collection of endless stories and experiences to share with you all.

– Soma

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